You eat a Dorito and your wish is granted.  What if your wish is to be a girl?  In ‘Wish Upon A Dorito,’ one of the characters gets her wish!  And what is even better? The reaction from the friend sitting next to her is anything but TransPhobic!

As we have seen throughout 2014, Transgenderism is making its way into America’s living rooms. Unfortunately, Doritos is not going to be helping us with this trend.

Doritos had an opportunity to get TransGenderism into the living rooms of over 100 million Americans in a positive way.  This would have been huge.  And the video was well produced, well directed and the actors nailed it!

It is unclear at this time if the TG connection was intentional by the filmmakers but the message this commercial sends to the mainstream public is that it is ok to be attracted to someone that used to have a male body.

We might be a little biased towards Wish, but in all fairness, there are others that we feel deserve a look.

The way we see it, these four below, plus Wish, should have been in the finals, over all the others. Space Pirate Odyssey and Wish should have battled it out for first, in a “Transsexual” vs “Hot SuperGirl” kind of way (sounds kinda kinky actually). 

Number 2 on our list: Space Pirate Odyssey

Funny Aliens? Ed Wood style Space Ships?  A stunningly gorgeous bikini clad bombshell that kicks ass…???  What’s not to like here? Considering this year, the contest was supposed to try to include more of a female audience, why in the hell didn't this well produced one with a rebel chick in it even make the semifinalists?  Do you think maybe the one female judge on the panel was jealous? Or someone feel asleep on the job and never watched it? Well, Space Pirate Odyssey, we noticed and YOU got robbed by Doritos.

Number 3: Dog Dreams

As much as I love bad-ass chicks with deadly tongues, I like dreaming dogs even better. Beautifully written, magnificently & produced & directed. My theory is that Doritos wants to maintain a low budget feel and this one was just TOO good for Doritos to risk putting them in the finals. If Pigs Fly AND this one took first and second, all of the amateurs would’ve just given up next year.

Number Four: Doritos Drone

Okay that’s just funny. Good acting, good direction and very original.

Number 5: The Portal

With remnants of Being John Malkovich and Poltergeist this one was freak ‘en brilliant.  Maybe that was its downfall? It just wasn’t dumb enough.

by Mary F. Crosby
TGT Staff Writer

TG Themed Commercial Passed on by Doritos “Crash The Superbowl Challenge” Finalist List

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